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Our basketball skills training program has been helping players of all ages and abilities since 2018. We believe that basketball should be inclusive and invite everyone to join us in developing their skills. Our experienced coach not only provide top-notch training but also mentorship to help our players grow on and off the court. We're committed to providing opportunities for children and youth to excel in basketball.


Basketball skills training is at the core of what we do. We founded our program in 2018 to provide a supportive and inclusive community for basketball players of all skill levels.  We are passionate about basketball coaching and making sure that athletes reach their full potential. Our programs are designed to promote athlete longevity while making premium basketball training accessible to all.


Our premium basketball training is available to all ages and skill levels, and we believe that basketball has the power to reduce youth delinquency by bringing communities together through events such as talent showcases, slam dunk contests, shooting contests and much more. 

What sets us apart from the others is:

Our expertise

Our dedication

Our commitment

We foster a spirit of inclusiveness and togetherness.



Slovenia Trip 

Slovenia was our first opportunity to take business over seas. This was a surreal moment for us as we had launched in 2018 and to be able to get the opportunity to go to another country was a huge blessing that we will never forget. Coach Benji had the opportunity to play in a game that was going to in a movie scene under 'Getty Images'. He had the chance to meet with an agent to also discuss opportunities to be created for the young players we coach here in London.


3 Year Anniversary,

Joining LDN Warriors 3x3 Team &

NBA Acknowledgment 

This year was a huge accomplishment getting to 3 years, we had been offering sessions and basketball runs for the community in Croydon as there was no other business doing this and it was massive hit and helped us continue to grow as a business. Coach Benji was approached by Martin Dyan (founder of GG3X3 and LDN Warriors 3x3) to be a part of the coaching team. There had not been an official team for 3x3 before in London so this was big and gave players the opportunity to work towards their goals in a more structured environment. The first try-out was a huge success and although they did not win the tournaments, it was a great stepping stone for future athletes to join each year. We also had the opportunity to get NBA merchandise to hand out to the young people that attended our sessions and it continue to nurture a family environment. 


1st Men's Talent Showcase &

Kids Talent Showcase

We decided it was time to work towards an event that would provide opportunities for the young people that loved basketball and was trying to pursue it further. Through first-hand experience the opportunities in the UK in terms of basketball is very limited, our founder and Lead Coach Benji was fortunate to live in the states for 6 years pursuing basketball and the dedication and work they put into their students in all areas from Music, Maths, Drama it is inspiring to see them attain so much within their educational institutions. We see the importance of this and would love to implement this same access to our sessions and organisation. Our talent showcases were a huge success and whilst there were a few unforeseen circumstances it is something we will absolutely continue to do every year creating bigger and better opportunities for the futures of all involved. 


Partnership with The Black Princes Trust

This means a lot to us on a personal level. Coach Benji has played basketball for many years (since 5 years old) however watched from out the womb, it was inevitable for it to become his first love. Over the years he has seen many organisations host basketball events however the conception of The Regal and Jordan court was the most memorable one and made a massive impact for basketball community in London. Coach Benji made a dunk go viral in this very court! to now partner with them and implement ideas and new strategies that we have learnt over the years is incredible and we look forward to having a Long Lasting relationship with them for years to come. 


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